You ever just felt like………..fuck em? No, let’s say it where it rolls off or our tongues a bit more  fluidly…fuckit! I know that you humans seem to worry about things in your lives quite a bit. I understand, I used to be just like you lot. But I’ve been here quite a bit longer and just realized that it is almost trivial to bog your minds down with such worrisome thoughts. I know I’m one to talk, drinking all the time and looking sad. Truth is I’m not as sad as you guys may think. Just a bit disappointed in the fact that you humans have so much power and would rather, for the most part, focus on the negatives. I’m not saying you in particular, but ask yourself, just yesterday did your positive thoughts outweigh your negative ones?

I think the root of this problem for many is you still just put too much weight into what others think of you. Remember those magic words I had you utter earlier? Go ahead, say them shits again…out loud right now at your desk…fuck it…scream that shit I said…FUCKITTTTT!!!!…now say it real low…then turn around and dance the forbidden sexy dance of fuck em (editor– if you have commenced with these shenanigans at the work place…we urge you to stop doing what Cupid says…unless you really are embracing the message, then by all means have at it).

People live by these imaginary standards set by others on what is acceptable and fit to do. If in your heart…you know that it is telling you that you want to live life in your own way…why oh why would you stop yourself? Why block your happiness based on what others think. If something makes you happy then why not chase it? I find this is why people seem to have so many negative thoughts in a day, because they aren’t free to live the way they want to. Well, news flash, only you are stopping you from living this amazing life you want. Regardless of what these people think, they do not control what you ultimately do. Remember…you have embraced the art of ‘fuck it‘. With this powerful tool, you are one step closer to happiness and the world at large is one baby step closer to not being Loveless.

I’ve been pretty preachy today. I’m just saying, I think you lot would be much happier if you broke some rules some of the time, as they really  are intangible. No one, and I mean no one should be able to dictate the direction your heart takes. If you want to be rich making erotic novels…then tap into your inner naughty and do it. If you want to get a full sleeve of body art and show the world that you are still the fucking shit then do it. If you want to be the world’s next greatest jewel thief then have at it (editor– you get his point…hopefully being a thief isn’t your passion…but if it is, at least be great at it? Man, we’re gonna get sued…jeez).

Be like me and stop worrying about the trivial shit and focus on what makes you happy. Let’s all tinky on walls and not care what this world thinks. Let it flow if you’re with me! For the ladies…ummm…maybe a bit more difficult for you to achieve such a feat, but you too can tink tink on a wall if it makes you happy. And if you get a little on your shoe…fuck it, lol.

– Loveless Cupid

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