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Ello’ all. Well if you came last week you know that it was up to little old Cupid to handle the Loveless Wednesday post. I bitched…I moaned…I clipped my toenails…I cleaned that week old tinky off the floor…and then I wrote. I actually had a good post in the absense of everyone that works here. I had done the unthinkable with hopes that I would get a week off…and then i wake up from a great coma induced sleep…same winky…different post it note on it,

Cupid, we really need you to do the post again this week. half of the guys are still on vacation. C’mon man…like you have a choice. Bwahahahahahaha…cough…hahahahah. We’ll let you get a break next week. Go get em tiger. PS- it’s almost Summer. Don’t forget to make your rounds.

So with all of that said, I was like fuck it (seriously though…who is putting post its on my weenie? Stop that shit). I’ll be the hero yet again, because I fucking care about you guys and gals being entertained on this road to dream following and such on your new favourite Wednesday activity.  Considering that I have to go out on a few love bullet filled rounds of early summer romance target practice, I thought I would let you lot get a break from too much of the love stuff (I’m coming to get you though…No one’s safe!).

I’ve decided to give you guys a look at a site that I love to peruse late at night as I search for the answers in my alcohol filled sippy cup. This site is from the infamous magazine of the same name, The videos and articles that adorn it’s pages are the craziest pieces of thought provoking shit this side of the planet (err…well your side too depending on where you are).

One big reason I dig Vice, is because they are true to themselves. These interviews and videos could be boring as shit…but the guys behind the mic and the cameras really just go in and give a piece of themselves which add to that “I can relate to person” type of way (just like you can with a certain eye patched cherub. Drink up!) There is tons of content on the site so I’ve decided to make it easy on you blokes and give some recommendations from me and my cohorts.

Okay, first up is mines. Clearly you guys know I am all about the tattoo art (if not, log off the computer and just go sit in the damn corner for a minute…thank you) so when I saw that they actually did an interview on tattoo legend “Grime” I was completely mesmerised. His skill and dedication to the art of tattooing is on display throughout this series of videos. The thing that makes it so great though, is they just don’t focus on his art, but the man himself. Artists can be some deep ass people…shit, the artist here let’s his fucking heart dictate every move he makes…sappy fuck he is, and it’s funny to see that Grime shares some of that. Another great thing is Grime’s pursuit of being ahead of the curve with his originality. He goes against the norm by having many different art styles and relentlessly doing his best to perfect them. He does’t go out and do “what’s in”, he actually strives to make his work have only his flair. This is just a life lesson that we all can adapt. We all are different. We need to focus on what makes us special and not so much what we think the world wants from us. You’ll live a happier life.. Let me stop blabbing…check it out for yourself (For the recored, there are three parts to this video and they are all dope. Don’t cheat yourself by being too lazy to watch all of them.)



Next up is Psyche’s pick. I just knew she was going to pick something with a panda bear or something, but she went completely left field with this dope ass article. The name? ERIKA LUST IS OCCUPYING FEMINIST PORN!!!

Cupid is intrigued to say the least…


Ohh, sorry. But yeah…women dig porn just as much as guys (left your private browsing on…I see you) so why isn’t it being shown with many of the things that get women aroused to the highest degree possible? Well Erica has them covered. Her all female production crews bring women that side of erotica that will have the ladies toes curling. No more dumb ass story lines and crazy trash talk that has one trying to figure out to laugh or be offended. No no… These stories are dope and all polished and stuff. Most importantly it’s by women, for women. Guys love it when you’re turned on, so how about we turn this on for you. Read the interview at the link below (I will for my Psyche *winky face*).


And last but not least we have Jeff. Sigh…okay Jeff went straight porno industry insight with his pick. Look, we are all about chasing what you love and such, so I would be a hypocrite if I told Jeff he was not allowed to put his favourite video from I’m not even going to lie like I wasn’t highly entertained…twice after seeing it. You never think about the little things that can happen that could ruin a porn…until you watch stuff like this…or hear others horror stories (I heard about…no no, I can’t even repeat that disgusting shit). If you’re at work, behind your desk or just not in a place conducive to boobies…then you should shy away from Jeff’s pick for a minute. To those brave enough, go ahead and click the link, below. (NSFW)


Well that’s about it guys. I hope you all frequent more after this little taste test. And let’s see how great the power of putting things out in the universe is. We really want Vice to do a feature on Loveless one day. Like no bullshit. Since we want it, we’re going to make it happen. No if’s ands or buts, about it. It’s our destiny and we control it. We are going to have that article. Just remember that Cupid told you. Ok, Let me get out of here, it’s target practice time. I’ll see you guys next week with a new member to the Society. Have a good day and shit.

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