Welcome back

Welcome back

April 30th 2013.

I’m making that day sound like a really big deal. Funny thing is it had no actual meaning until I just looked it up a minute ago to figure out some way to start this post. That day was the last time actually made a post. So in essence, it’s the day that I realized the site and brand could be way better than it was.

Don’t get me wrong, things were cool. The site had done it’s job of raising the awareness of the brand and helping me meet great people through the Society. The thing was, I just knew the potential it had was way greater than one post a week from me and the two writers who would contribute (shout out to those two by the way for still sticking it out with me. Shit means alot).

So what got me to stop and refocus? The site crashed like a muthafucker!

I’ll just call it the universe helping me out and getting me out of being stagnant. It was time for change. This was when the brand went on to making products outside of tattoos, namely apparel. Loveless September was born, which eventually evolved into Loveless Lovebomb. With me focusing all my attention on fashion, Loveless had found a new avenue of success and I was digging it, but something still was missing.


This led me to seek out help in the form of Jeff Staple, owner of Staple Pigeon, who had become an idol of mine through my venture into becoming a fashion brand owner (I’m big on learning whatever you can from your idols to one day become your peers). It wasn’t until my third time meeting him that the universe finally threw me a bone and opened the opportunity for him to actually analyze Loveless for me (no excuses, if you want something, you have to go get it. I flew to this man twice going to seminars, with him forgetting me each time, lol. But I would always mention the Loveless Cherub I drew him the first time we met and he would always remember that. Pretty dope).

Loveless Jeff Staple. Helped me stand out a little lol


With the opportunity I explained to Jeff, and a few other brands seeking his expertise, what I felt the problems of Loveless were and our history. I told him how the brand was formed and about the custom cherubs that adorned people with the tattoos. How we built a community that got stronger and grew every year. I then naturally went on to tell him how we started making clothes, because we thought that was the natural thing to do to monetize the brand besides me just tattooing. We went on to say that our clothes sold well, but we did produce limited runs so I was nervous about raising the quantity as I was wondering if it would do as well. He kinda just stared at me, lol. Like I really had no clue what to do next, but I could tell he did.


Fashion designer Mel. I probably should have studied this in college actually.


Thoughts become real. Just needs action.
Thoughts become real. Just needs action.

So what was his answer? He said Loveless didn’t have a problem… but it was trying to make one. Here we are, this uber unique brand built through dope tattoos and artwork with it’s own lane creating it’s own rules. But what were we doing? Trying to jump in a lane that’s already overpopulated. He pretty much said we didn’t have a clothing brand, we had something way bigger and weren’t seeing the potential. The clothes did well for one reason, because of the core fans that loved Loveless Society… and the tattoos, the people, the community. He then said if it was him, he’d just worry about getting the cherubs out to the world as hard as he could. Like why aren’t there 100,000 people digging this instantly unique idea already? Focus on that. Anything we put out would sell through the numbers game alone. 100,000 fans, means we’d probably sell 10,000 units easily. Hell we probably would make our real money off collaborations anyway from the sheer marketing power of Cupid and the Cherubs.

Essentially he said Loveless Society should have never stopped. We were on the right track. Just not often enough. It was time to start treating Loveless like a career and not a hobby.

With that being said, I sought out a dream team of creatives and talented people to help bring out this dream that would elevate all of our lives. People I thought had a big voice and needed an avenue to show it. Loveless would be that avenue. My focus was going to be on the art and the message of chasing what you love. Coming from behind my shadow to let people take the journey to success with me. As Loveless grew I wanted people to see it happen.


The team and their blogs on the site. Destry, Cory, Tati, Ewalk, Erin, Joselyn, Kia, and Terry. Not pictured Cupid, Brad, and of course Billy who is naturally behind the camera.
The team and their blogs on the site. Destry, Cory, Tati, Ewalk, Erin, Joselyn, Kia, and Terry. Not pictured Cupid, Brad, and of course Billy who is naturally behind the camera.

We got a physical location. A secret headquarters on some batman shit. The plans we’re concocting are so much grander than the ideas I used to come up with myself. I’ve learned how to be a leader, but not one that barks orders, but one that listens and learns through his team and does his best to organize the ideas we all come up with. Fuck I’m ready to tell you all about shit now!!!

With out saying much, just know for now, you can come to the site more often now, not just Wednesday. We’ll be updating more regularly with our awesome team of writers, almost daily, each showcasing their unique passions and interests to you. Loveless is about showing the world who you are in the loveless world and these guys do that in spades. There will be a lot more art, including a secret project that will keep you guys coming back on some true addiction shit. We will also be showcasing people following what they love already to help inspire you guys to do the same. We have some epic features in the works.

New members to the growing Society will be back, but in a new format that will blow your minds! With over 250 members we have some catching up to do as we will be introducing them all. My main goal is to make it mean something that you have that cherub on you, fighting for what you love in a world that tells you to fit in. Fuck that shit. FIT OUT. It’s the only way to live the life you were meant to.

Photo by Artemus Jenkins
Photo by Artemus Jenkins

I’ll also be very active on the site. So get used to hearing from me. My section is called 9mag. It’s my favorite needle grouping while tattooing and the name of my old blog. It means a lot to me, because I like blogging. Telling my mind to people that want to listen. So in essence it’s symbolic of me returning to my roots as is Loveless focusing on the people that made it (no worries, Lovebomb will still keep making stuff. As a matter of fact, some of the new team members are actively designing so epic ish).

Well that’s enough guys, I’ve been talking way too fucking long. But hey, Loveless is back. Go tell a friend that Cupid is coming for them, and this time we’re not letting up!

-Loveless Mel


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