What’s in the bag?

What’s in the bag?

Here’s what I take with me when I shoot: the things I can’t leave home without and must-haves.


1. Nikon D300s

I shoot with a Nikon d300s and I very much enjoy it. (I prefer Nikon but any camera is a good camera!)


2. 50mm 1.8

My go-to lens is a 50mm fixed lens. It is the most useful lens ever. I can use it for fashion, street and concert photography and it brings great results.


3. 10mm fisheye

The fisheye lens… Well let’s just say I have a fuck-ton of fun with it. I definitely abuse this lens for all the right reasons.


4. 35mm 1.4

The 35mm is slowly becoming my new favorite. I need to play with it more and take full advantage of its epicness.


5. Extra batteries (for both flash and camera)

I always try and rock with extra batteries because… Well because it sucks when your camera dies and you can’t get the shot you wanted; and most of the time you look like a fool, too. Just not fun.


6. Extra memory card

The same applies for an extra memory card. You can never take enough pictures, so why not bring backups?


7. Ring light on camera flash

A new addition to my bag is the ring light. I use this more for fashion as well as real dark venues shooting DJs and shit. I wouldn’t recommend it for concerts (most bands will hate you for blinding them with a bright ass-light).


8. Speed light

The speed light is awesome. It’s like the 50mm lens: goes well with everything!


9. 28mm wide angle 2.4

The 28mm is a film lens I copped at a yardsale a while back. I like to get creative and use this lens for weird focal points and blurred lines.


10. Gorilla grip tripod

Also a new addition is the gorilla grip tripod… This thing fucking rules. Plus it fits in my backpack! I also have a regular-sized tripod, but that doesn’t fit in my bag soooo fuck it, right?


11. iPhone

My iPhone is always with me and is used for capturing things on the go or as a prop itself. I also have a lens I can put on my phone for telephoto reasons.


12. Battery charger

Like bringing extra batteries, the charger also comes in handy when all backups shit the bed.

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