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Welcome to Loveless

Conceptualized in 2010, Loveless started from the gift of failure. In this case, it was finding myself "alone" again and not having the validation of "external" love.

Being an art nerd, I expressed my emotions the only way I knew how; through my art. This led to the creation of Loveless Cupid.

Tarnished by the world and its rigid ideologies, he was a modernized and 'rougher' version of the infamous mythological cherub. I felt I could relate. He was the perfect mascot for me at the time.

What I didn't know was how much this cherub would change, not only my life, but many others.

Being a tattoo artist, people began asking for my cherub designs as body art. I assumed that everyone just wanted them because they looked cool, but they would tell me that the cherubs seemed to be fighting for love.

With this knowledge, I took on the task but put a spin on it. I would draw them a cherub that was a reflection of them and showed the world who they were.

They now had their own Personal Protector of Love.

It's now been over a decade of Loveless. With hundreds of Society members, it continues to grow.

We've added more tattoo options, such as Angels and Muses (our signature, curvy pin-ups). There's a Loveless Cupid comic book (the goal is to get a television show one day). The online store is back. We had a nearly sold-out art show, and we're still just scratching the surface.

Now, I'm already grateful as we look ahead to what's next. As I said before, I used to feel lonely and needed external validation. But, this brand helped me finally look within to where real love radiates. And that is with self. I've learned who I really am and my purpose.

That's to make art that helps people love themselves.

And I want to thank everyone that has helped facilitate that. I promise that I'll continue to show what's possible because we crazy dreamers, who dare to love hard, will continue to be the answer to this Loveless Society.

Loveless Mel

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