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by Loveless Society

Loveless Cupid Issue 2

$20.00 $25.00

Angel has woken up with no memory of the previous night and a mysterious girl asleep beside him. The silver lining is that she's a baddie, so you know he's going to feel out the situation. 

But when Cupid pops up, will he get the answers he was searching for or will things get worse? 

*Spoiler alert... it's only the second issue. Of course, they get worse. 

  • This is for the physical copy! Read the black-and-white version here.
  • Story and art by Loveless Melvin. Colors by Gus Mendes. Cover colors by Guiseppe Pica.
  • Bonus story: "V-Day Gift" included. Story and Art by Loveless Melvin. Colors by Bryce Oquaye.
  • For mature audiences.